A book containing the faith (as may be seen in covenant) and conduct of the Baptist Church of Jesus Christ in Wilkes County, North Carolina State New River Three Forks Settlement which said Church being constituted November ye 6 Day in the Year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 1790 by the following Brethren, viz: JAMES TOMPKINS, RICHARD GREEN, DANIEL EGGERS, ELLENDER GREEN, WILLIAM MILLER, MARY MILLER, PHEBE EGGERS.

A REGISTER OF CHURCH MEMBERS - (Not dated, but follows above)




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James Tompkins Landrene Eggers Jno. Holesclaw
Richard Green Nathan Horton Jane Vanderpool
Daniel Eggers Matthew Council Jacob Reese
Ellender Green Nancy Chambers Catherine Brown
William Miller Rachel Chambers Hannah Phillips
Mary Miller Jesse Counsel Zeruah (Buck (f)
Phebe Eggers Comfort Wade Sarah Shearer
Sarah Coleman Edward Stocksdale Jno Shearer
Avis Eggers Edief Stocksdale Valentine Reese, Junr
Elizabeth Tompkins Joseph Tompkins Mary Eggers
Benjamin Cutberth Susannah Brown Jonathan Buck
Anna Wilcoxson Samuel Wilcoson, Junr. Jno Brown
Lidia Council Thomas Wade Hannah Reese
Benjamin Baylis Samuel Baker Elisha Chambers
Elizabeth Cutberth John Ayers David Coleman
Sarah Baylis Sam'l Castle James Jackson, Junr
James Chambers Martha Castle Elizabeth Horton
Anna Chamgers Abraham Eaton Henry Chambers
John Faugerson Jno. Parr Rachel Brown
Ebenezer Fairchild Mary Parr Anna Reese
James Jackson Jonathan Allen Mary Reese
Catherine Hull Jas. McCaleb Elizabeth Reese
Joseph Sevet (?dim) Mary McCalbe Isaac Reese
Ezekiel England Anne Donekey Landrene Eggers Negro man George
Ruth Tompkins Catharine Allen Anthony Reese
Christina Reese Wm. Daivs Asa Chambers
Valentine Reese Rebekah Fairchild Comfort Stocksdale
Samuel Ayers Richard Orsgatharp Samuel Northern
Elijah Chambers Jno. Vanderpool Susanna Fairchild
Moses Hull Ellender Vanderpool Mary Owens
Joseph Ayers Catherine Hull William Owens
William Tompkins Sam'l Vanderpool Daniel Eggers, Junr
Benjamin Greer Sam'l Pitman Henry Earnest
Samuel Wilcoxson, Senr Winant Vanderpool Junr. Shadrack Brown
Garsham Tompkins Anna Vanderpool Debby Lewis
John Reese Winant Vanderpool Benjam Brown
Hodges Council Naomi Vanderpool Elizabeth Morphew
Mary Fairchild Keziah Pitman Elizabeth Morphew
Sarah Green Abraham Vanderpool Margaret Chambers
Sarah Reese Sarah Davis Robert Shearer
Chastity Ayers Abraham Linvil Sarah Reese
James Proffitt Susannah Vanderpool Jane Triplett
James Calloway Peter Regan Richard Lewis
Jeremiah Green Rebekah Regan John Ford
Sarah Hull Catherine Linvil Benja. Tompkins
Joannah Eggers Margeret Linvil Sqar Willcockson
Frances Faugerson Maryann Isaacs Benja. Greer
Elizabeth Hull Mathias Harmon Barnet Owens
Martha Chambers Mary Harmon Susannah Owens

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Page 3 - Received by Letter

Page 4 - Dismissed

Page 5 - Excommunicated

Page 6 - Dead


Minutes Three Forks Baptist Church (1790 - ??) filmed by State Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, N. C. December 5, 1952 (microfilm) - copied from film by Mrs. W. O. Absher, 14 November, 1977. Copied supplied to me by Lynn Kappleman.

Three Forks Baptist Church is located on Highway 421 between Wilkesboro and Boone, North Carolina in what is now Watagua County.

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