American Ranch
on Overland Trail
-- Weld, now Logan Station
Antelope Station 1860's Sedgwick Station
Arboles -- Archuleta Stop
Big Springs -- Kans. Terr., Bent, Cheyenne Station
Bent's Old Fort 1860's Bent, now Otero Station
Bijou Creek -- Elbert Stop
Bijou Springs -- Arapahoe Stop
Boner Spring -- Larimer Station
Boones -- Boulder Stop
Box Elder -- Arapahoe, now Adams Stop
aka Brumley
1890's Lake Stop, tollgate,
mining camp
Buffalo Springs 1865 Washington Station
Butte's Ranch 1860 Sedgwick Station
Cascade, aka
Cascade City
Cascade Junction
1870 La Plata Station
Cedar Point -- Kans. Terr. now Elbert Station
Cherry Valley -- Arapahoe Stop
Cheyenne Wells 1859 Cheyenne Station
Cline's Ranch Post -- Montrose Stop
Coal Creek -- Arapahoe Stop
Coberly's Ranch 1859 Douglas Station
Cripple Creek,
aka Fremont, Morland
1895? est. 1891 El Paso, now Teller Unknown, Mining Camp
David's Well -- Cheyenne Station
Deering's Well -- Cheyenne Station
aka Downeyville
-- Clear Creek Stop
Dubois -- Cheyenne Station
Dyke -- Archuleta Stop
Edith -- Archuleta Stop
Eight Mile Creek -- Arapahoe Station
Ella 1840 Bent, now Prowers Station
Everett, aka Evert
Halfway House,
Seiden's Ranch
-- Lake Stop
Fairmont -- Elbert Station
Fifteen Mile House,
aka Pierson
-- Arapahoe, now Adams Stop
Fort Moore, aka
Fort Washington,
Washington Ranch
On Overland Trail
1862 Logan Station
Fort Namaqua, aka
Miraville, Big
1858? Larimer Station
Four Mile House -- Arapahoe, now Denver Stop
Fremont's Orchard 1864 Morgan Station
Gato, now
Pagosa Junction
-- Archuleta Stop
Genesse Ranch -- Jefferson Stop
Gillette Station,
aka Gitrel's Ranch, Clearwater,
Henderson, Poverty Ranch,
On Overland Trail
1859 Sedwick Station
Grady's -- Cheyenne Station
Granada 1874 Bent, then Prowers Station
Gray's Landing -- Las Animas Station
Gwillimsville 1881 El Paso Stop
Halfway House -- Archuleta Stop
Halfway House -- Eagle Stop
Hog Back -- Las Animas Station
Hole in the Prairie -- Las Animas Station
Hole in the Rock -- Las Animas Station
Junction Ranche -- ? Stop
Junction Station
On Overland Trail
1860 Morgan Station
Kiowa -- Arapahoe, now Adams Stop
Kiowa Springs 1869 Kiowa Stop
Kline -- Prowers Way Stop
Knight's -- Las Animas Way stop
Little Buttes -- El Paso Stop
Living Springs,
Ranch, aka Sand
Hill Springs, Swinford
-- Arapahoe, now Adams Station
Lockwood -- Las Animas Station
Murray's Ranch 1860's Morgan Station
New Stage Station -- Prowers Station
Nine Mile House -- Arapahoe Stop
Nine Mile House, aka
Sand Creek Station
-- Arapahoe, now Adams Stop
Nine Mile House,
(On Cottonwood Pass)
-- Chaffee Stop
Old Cheyenne Wells -- Cheyenne Stop
Old Julesburg 1865 Sedgwick Station
Old Stage Station -- Prowers Station
Pagosa Springs -- Archuleta Stop
Park Creek -- Larimer Station
Petersons, now
Piedra Store
-- Archuleta Stop
Petticrew 1890-1910 Baca-Prowers Stop
Point of Rocks 1864 Huerfano, now Otero Station
Pond Creek 1869 ? Stop
Red Rock -- Las Animas Way Stop
Reed's Springs 1859 Elbert Stop
Rico House -- La Plata Stop
Rifle -- Garfield Stop
Overland Trail
1860's Logan Station
Ruby Station or Junction -- Grand Stop,
Mining Camp
Ruthton, aka
Running Creek
-- Elbert Stop
Sand Hill Springs 1859 Logan Station
Seiden's Ranch,
See also Everett
-- Lake Stop
Seventeen Mile House 1870's Arapahoe Stop,
and tavern
Sheridan 1869 Arapahoe Station
Spring Bottom 1868 Bent now Otero Station
Spring Canyon -- Larimer Station
Spring Valley -- Douglas? Stop
Stage Canyon -- Las Animas Station
Station 21, 22, 23 -- Elbert, now Kit Carson Stops
Sulphur Gulch -- Douglas, later
moved to Twenty-
Mile House
Swift City, aka
Stone City, Alcorn
1887 Kiowa Station
Teachoats 1860's El Paso Station
Ten Mile Spring -- Gunnison Stop
Timber Hill, aka
-- Hinsdale Stop
Titusville -- Fremont Stop
Tollgate Eight Mile
-- Arapahoe Station
Trail City 1885 Prowers Stop
Twelve Mile House -- Arapahoe Station and Hotel
Twenty Mile House
aka Pine Grove,
-- Douglas Station
Uncle Jack Moore's -- Bent, now Otero Station
On Overland Trail
1859 Logan Station
Vogel -- Bent, now Otero Station
Washburn -- Larimer Station
Washington Ranch,
aka Fort Moore
On Overland Trail
1862 Morgan Station
Weaver Ranch -- Bent Wagon Stop
Well's Ranch -- Elbert Stop
Well No. 1 1869 Bent Station
Well No. 2 1869 Bent Stop
Whiskey Springs -- Eagle Stop
Willow Springs -- ? Stop
Yankee Bend pre RR Prowers Stop - for questions or additions/corrections, put Colorado State Stations in subject line

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