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These photographs need a home! They were found by a lady who has since donated them to the Nebraska Historical Society in Lincoln. If you find one that you can identify and would like a copy of, please contact the society or simply use your right click to copy our photo directly onto your computer. Please look at them. Each description is what we know about the photograph. Click on the number by each description.

1.Genevieve Van ACKEREN   Baby about 6-10 month Photographer:       J. Bethscheider, Humphrey, Nebraska. 12 Proper young Gentleman  Possibly tuxedo type suit with high collar shirt and lovely cravat - No markings
Photographer:           Mrs. H. Harris, Blair & Auburn, Nebraska.
2."For Aunt Jennie Two young ladies, early 20s.  from your niece and cousin"- Photographer: Camp, Geneva, Nebraska. 13 Adult Lady          No markings
Photographer: W. D. Abbott, Peru, Nebraska.
3 Mac WRIGHT  Young Gentleman- In suit with bowler hat Photographer:  No photographers name. 14 Adult Lady   No markings Photographer:   Hughes & Sandberg, Omaha, Nebraska.
4 Laura MARTIN        Young Lady Photographer:   McElhiney, Nebraska City, Nebraska. 15 Gentleman  No markings - Suit, vest & tie. Photographer:           Clements, Lincoln, Nebraska.
5.Young Lady   very illegible, I can make out is 19 years old and July 30 1896 Photographer:   By J. H. Woods, Beatrice, Nebraska. 16Adult Lady No markings Photographer: Pattison, Minden, Nebraska.
6 Older Lady  Mrs. BOWERS on top and Elsie HACKER on bottom (assume this was maybe a to and from) Photographer:   Nielsen, Auburn, Nebraska. 17 Adult Lady No markings - Photographer: Wyatt, Holdrege, Nebraska.
7 Adult Lady No markings Photographer:  Hayden, Lincoln, Nebraska (back marked "First Premium State Fair" 1888-89. 18 Young Child  (2 to 4) & Baby  (6 to 10 mo.) - No markings - Photographer: No photographer's name.
8 Adult Lady    No markings Photographer Anderson, Kearney, Nebraska. 19 Two Young Ladies  No markings Photographer:           Nielsen,
9 Lady - Younger      No markings Photographer:    Anderson, Kearney, Nebraska. 20 Young Lady, light eyes  No markings Photographer:  Lauritz Nielsen
10 Young Gentleman     Suit & tie, short hair, very light eyes. - January 1894 - Photographer:Unknown, taken in, Auburn, Nebraska 21 Gentleman  No markings - Suit & tie, light eyes, mustache Photographer:    Lauritz Nielsen.
11 Young Child - a boy?        No markings Photographer: Burno, Tekamah, Burt County, Nebraska 1886.  

More "found" photographs, provided by Lynn Waterman who found them in a used store in Nebraska.  We will be getting them on line soon.

If you have some unidentified photos, we will do the same for you. Let's see if we can't reunite families and photos!

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