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"A people that take no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors
will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote

The Saban surname joins ranks with the multitude of surnames that has been spelled every which way over the centuries. This Saban Homepage is our way to help the researcher in finding their Saban - Sabin - Sabine - Sabins - Seabens - Saben ancestry.

William Sabin was one of the earlier settlers in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. His descendants spread out all over New England, and then all over the USA. The Sabin Family of North America has dedicated many, many years and hours of research to researching William Sabin of Rehoboth. We highly recommend visiting their website and studying their data. It is located at Gordon Morris has accumulated a lot of data in his research, but it appears that Gordon is no longer managing the site.  His data is still there.

Unfortunately, our Saban line from Vermont and Maine does not fit into William Sabin's line and research. We are finding we are not alone in this problem. Thus has started our own avenue of research. We have accumulated quite a bit of research in doing this and hopefully by sharing with you, we can help you find your family.

Our earliest confirmed Saban ancestor is Louis Saban Sr, father of Pirce Saban, born around 1800, somewhere in Vermont. By 1823, Pirce was in Palermo, Waldo County, Maine, along with a number of other Sabans. We feel that more than likely one of these Palermo residents, Louis Saban Sr. was his father, but have not proven that of yet.


Individual Saban Personal Pages - Index   NEW

Vermont Census - a collection of census data for Sabin names

1790 U.S. Census - Vermont - Saban/Sabin/Sabins

1800 U.S. Census - Vermont - Saban/Sabin/Sabins

1810 U.S. Census - Vermont - Saban/Sabin/Sabins

Maine Census - a collection of census data for Sabin names

1790 U.S. Census - Maine - Saban/Sabin/Sabins

1800 U.S. Census - Maine - Saban/Sabin/Sabins - Have not found any yet to date!

1810 U.S. Census - Maine - Saban/Sabin/Sabins

1820 U.S. Census - Maine - Saban/Sabin/Sabins

1830 U.S. Census - Maine - Saban/Sabin/Sabins

1840 U.S. Census - Maine - Saban/Sabin/Sabins

1850 U.S. Census - Maine - Saban/Sabin/Sabins

1860 U.S. Census - Maine - Saban/Sabin/Sabins

1870 U.S. Census - Maine - Saban/Sabin/Sabins

Census Data - Miscellaneous - coming soon

Saban Strays, including the Palermo Sabans

Early Arrivals - a collection of names of early Sabin (by any spelling) arrivals before 1790

Cemeteries in Maine with Sabans (of any spelling)

Saban Land Records - coming soon

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SABIN SURNAME MAILING LIST - regular mode - digest mode

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