SABAN-RANNELLS-HYATT, Alice M    1905-1969 WY
SABAN, Benjamin D                                     1821-AFT 1860 ME

SABAN, Charles A                                      

1868-1903 ME>MI>NE>WY
SABAN, Charles P                                        1843-1850 ME
SABAN (SABINE), Curtis                            1795-1864 ME>VT>ME>died LA in CW
SABAN, George C                                        1838-1898 ME>IL>WI
SABAN, George Henry                                 1872-aft 1913 ME>MI>NE>WY
SABAN, Harry Gunther                                1899-1972 WY
SABAN, Hiram                                             1806-1896 ME
SABAN-JACOBSEN, Ida Helen                  1907-2002 WY
SABAN, Iver Edwin                                      1897-1917 NE>WY
SABAN, James Torry                                   1901-1937 WY
SABAN, James Percy Jr                             1918-1986 WY>CA (buried WY)
SABAN, James Percy Sr                              1869-1940 ME>MI>NE>WY
SABAN, John A                                          1831-1922 ME>MI>NE>WY (buried NE)
SABAN, John B                                                 1832-1911 ME
SABAN, John Eldridge                               1895-1973 NE>WY
SABAN, Josiah (Isaiah) C                            1833-1864 ME>died in Battle of Wilderness, VA - CW
SABAN, Lewis Jr                                       1791-1860 ME>VT>ME
SABAN, Lewis Sr                                   Bef 1765-1848 Unk>ME>VT>ME
SABAN-McCRACKEN, Mable Luella     1899-1921 NE>WY
SABAN-GADBERRY, Marguerite             1909-1972 WY
SABAN-GATES, Mary Luella                    1875-1939 ME>MI>NE>CA
SABAN-COBB, Mary Helen                     1828-aft 1870 ME>IL
SABAN, Pirce                                               1800-1874 VT>ME>CA
SABAN, Stephen Theo                              1950-1970 WY
SABAN-SKILLINS, Submit Melinda        1840-1919 ME
SABAN, Thomas                                         1821-1899 ME
SABAN, William H                                     1825-aft 1900 ME>MI>NE>WA


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