In doing our research on our Maine Sabans, we have accumulated a lot of data on Sabans in the Northeast and other places as well. We will be putting each one up here, hoping to find a common link. And at the same time, hoping that we can help someone in their research.

Palermo, Waldo County, Maine

1850 U.S. Census, Palermo, Waldo County, Maine

Household 393, 398

Samuel J. BRIMYON (sp?) age 65 M W Farmer $250 Born Maine

Anna age 51 F W Born Maine

Rufus W. SABIN(might be Sabins) age 8 M W Born Maine Attends School

Note: This is close to Louis Saban Jr., Thomas Saban and Hiram Saban. We feel there is a possibility that this is another son of Louis Saban Sr. and Abigail. And also feel there is a possibility that Anna, age 51, is Child #6 of Louis Sr. and Hannah.

We will backtrack through the earlier census for the Brimyon (sp?) family.

Benjamin is listed living with Thomas Saban in 1850, listed as age 23 and working as a millman.

We believe Benjamin is a brother of Thomas.

There is a Benjamin D. Saban listed on pg 784 of Whitefield, Lincoln County, Maine 1860 census.

The Sabin Association shows that a Benjamin D. Saban married Emma Davis on October 15, 1854 in Whitefield, Lincoln County, Maine.

Other Saban/Sabin/Sabine Individuals found

Curtis Saban

C. M. Sabine

Chalmette National Cemetery (Union Cemetery) in Louisiana. Died 7/21/1864 from Maine. Pvt in Co. M, 2nd ME Regt Cav.

Found this online at

George Sabine

1850 US Census, Town of Freedom, Waldo County, Maine

Household 116/118

WARNER, ??? Age 55 Male White Farmer $1200 Born Maine

Lucy Age 52 Female White Born Maine

Ruel Age 21 Male White Farmer Born Maine

Mary Age 17 Female White Born Maine

Lucy C (?) Age 15 Female White Born Maine

Florelia (?) Age 9 Female White Born Maine

SABINE, George Age 10 Male White born Maine

Abbie P. Sabine

Intent to Marry filed October 19, 1867

Married Recorded June 24, 1868

Place - Portland, Maine

Abbie P. Sabine, Portland, Maine to William H. Bradley, Portland, Maine

Source: Early Maine Marriages on line at the Maine Archives

William Sabin

From Court Records of Kennebec, Maine

William Sabin 6/1804 Windsor 2583 2-240-19-20

William Sabin 6/1804 Windsor 879 2-240-19-20

Clara A. Saban

From History of Winthrop, page 394 (kennebec County, Maine)

Clara A. Saban married William H. Frost 1881

Mrs. Florence Sabin

Glenwood Woman's Club 1912-13, Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa

Listed in the "In Memoriam"

Eliphalet Y. Sabine and Francis M. Sabine

1838 to 1845 Index of Plt of Washington County, Maine

1/38/575 Eliphalet Y. Sabine, Plt, Eastport

6/533/27 Francis M. Sabine, Plt, Bangor

Mary F. Sabine and William A. Sabine

June 7, 1881 Machias Union


In Baldwin Mass, Mary F. Sabine, wife of John R. Aymer, daughter of the late Wm. A. Sabine, formerly of Eastport.

In Portland, May 28, Wm. A. Sabine aged 72.

Eliphalet Y. Sabine

1839-45 List of Def. Washington County, Maine

2/55/584 Eliphalet Y. Sabine, Def, Eastport

3/367/132 Eliphalet Y. Sabine, Def., Eastport

Lorenzo Sabine

Lorenzo Sabine (Eastport), History Magazine, New York, April and May 1870

William Sabine

Civil War - Shows mother as a 'Relief Sabine'


SCOTLAND - early before 1790

John Sabine

Marriage Record in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland Augt 25, 1739 (copy in our files)

John Sabine - Soldier and Ann Deer, both in this parish. Elder Deacon Douglas

Notes: Apparently the only British unit in Perth at that time was the 42nd Regiment, better known as the Black Watch. We have been told this unit was sent to Ireland before 1745 (final year of the Scot uprisings, and the Battle of Culloden). And also from Ireland the unit was sent to Canada, and the men given land grants in Canada. However, we have not been able to obtain records of the unit. Will post it when we do.

Jacob Sabbin

Sabbin Jacob 186 (register #) 1749

Winchelsea (ship) Thomas Cornish (master)

Male (sex) Halifax (destination)


1 (total persons) 3rd Regiment Foot Guards (occupation)

Census of residents of Halifax Taken in Fall 1749

Sabbin Jacob Winchelsea Bates says "Disappeared from Halifax - likely slipped away to New England. 3rd Regiment Foot Guards Halifax Thomas Cornish 1749

Above information found at

Note: The 3rd Regiment Foot Guards was a Scot regiment which had just finished duty in the War of the Austrian Succession 1742 to 1748.


William Sabine

Captain of the First Battalion of Marines who died in Boston, New England. Probate to sister, Sarah Sabine. March 1776.

Source: Abstracts of Wills in Canterbury England

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