This photograph was found with Thompson family photographs. Judging by the dress and style of photo, it was taken in the 1890's.

Photo taken by Anderson and Company, 906 E 15th Street, Denver, Colorado

We realized from the onset that the man had to be a Thompson, but not until recently did I start looking at FJ as a possible identification. But first I will show you some photos of Thomas Thompson Jr. and William J. Thompson, FJ's two brothers.

Step I - Other young men in the 1890's that we know of.

Thomas Jr, taken at wedding in 1898

Thomas Jr. was born 1866

William J. taken about 1914

William J. was born 1872

Note: both have hairlines that are much different than the one in the unknown picture. I could not get a good ear shot of Thomas. The one of William shows a lack of pronounced earlobes, but ears are set closer to the head. Nor could I get a sideshot of either man to show the nose.

Step II - Now to compare closeups of the unknown to closeup, magnified photos of FJ.

I will primarily use the photo on the right, as it has a better ear and hairline shot. However, I am showing both. Note that the hairline matches in all photos. The shape of the ears generally match in all. In comparing the Unknown photo to the 1909 photo of FJ in particular, which shows the same ear, the shape is identical including no earlobe to speak of. The nose is identifical in all.

"Unknown" Frederick James Thompson another close up "Unknown"

About 1890


1897 wedding photo and painting




About 1915


The front hair lines match, the nose matches, and the ear shots match. So if this is FJ, then who is the lady? It is not Agnes. And keep in mind FJ wore a moustache from 1897 forward, we are presuming the photo was taken sometime between 1890 and 1897.

Step III - OR one could argue that we are a generation too early. Judging by the dress, it was before the drastic fashion changes of the Roaring Twenties.

Thomas Thompson Jr.

That we know of he had no children.

Sons of William J Thompson

Henry born September 1904

Lionel born September 1906

We believe this is a photo of them, date unknown

Sons of FJ Thompson

Fred J. - born March 1899

About 1915

William James - born February 1903

About 1914

Harold C. - born May 1905

About 1924

Thomas Harvey - born Dec 1907

About 1914

Step IV: OR there was a brother of Thomas Sr. who came over from England with him around 1870 and this is a son of his!


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