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One of the best known tourist destinations in the world, Yellowstone Park was set aside by the United States Government in 1872 and in 1892 Congress fixed its size at about 5,000 square miles.

Written in 1919, the following is an excerpt from The Standard Dictionary of Facts:

Yellowstone National Park, a region mainly in Wyoming, United States, which in 1872 was withdrawn from settlement by the United States Government to become a park or tract for the recreation of the people. Its area, as fixed by Act of Congress in 1892, is about 5,000 square miles. It is readily accessible by a branch of the Northern Pacific Railway. Its surface is mainly an undulating plain, diversified, however, by great mountain ranges, one of which, the Absaraka, a range separating the waters of the Yellowstone River from those of the Big Horn, contains some of the grandest scenery in the United States. The whole region exhibits an endless variety of wild volcanic canons, waterfalls, etc. The geysers are more remarkable than those of Iceland, the the Grand Geyser in Firehole Basin is the most magnificent natural fountain in the world. The Yellowstone Lake, one of many, is a magnificent sheet of water, with an area of 150 square miles. A large part of the park is covered with forest. Stringent legislation protects the game, with the result that elk, deer, antelope, bear, and bison have taken refuge in it.

Living in Wyoming is a wonderful privilege, and Yellowstone Park is one of the state's treasures that Wyoming citizens, American citizens and our international guests all equally enjoy and are in awe of its splendor. We would like to share with you some of our personal photographs that we have acquired over the years, and of course would love to post yours here as well.

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