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Welcome to our Wyoming Webmaster Assistance Page.


1. You must put our logo on your page.   A link to our Wyoming History Homepage located at http://www.genealogyalongtherockies.com/wyoming.htm is required. If you would like to use our Wyoming logo, please contact us.

2. You must find your own webspace. There are several suggestions located in paragraph 7 above under Webmaster Assistance. This puts you in complete control of your website, no one else!

3. We do not care if your site is affiliated with another organization such as the USGW. We only ask that our logo be of approximately the same size and in a prominent place on your page. We do not require that you produce a mirror site just for the logo.

4. We will not put you under a quota system - meaning we will not tell you that you have to upload a certain amount of data each month. We do ask that you do a page sweep every so often to insure that broken links are either fixed or removed.

5. If you want to have a query system for your pages,  a system available is CC Helper available at http://www.rootsweb.com/~cchelper/ . You can also maintain your own query pages if you wish.

6. You are welcome to put links to your family sites if they pertain to your county. In fact, it is encouraged to have a place for links to family sites.

7. Copyright laws of the United States of America must be adhered to. If you need assistance in the copyright issues, please contact us. These laws come into play when you publish obituaries, biographies, historical accounts, and books on your site.

8. If you would be interested in hosting a town or city site, rather than a county site, contact us at genrockies@yahoo.com. All of the above rules would still apply. If you want to do a town site, and there currently is no county site, we will get a county site created to house your link.

9. Multiple sites are allowed. Don't be discouraged if someone else hosts a county you would like, we will put up two links. We encourage this!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at genrockies@yahoo.com

Mary and Don Saban

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